The Dado Show
Physical Comedy  

Dado has had many years experience entertaining crowds and is taking his well-honed performance indoors. Here you will find indoor theater productions for the whole family.

"A Frayed Knot", Children's theater 

Suitable for:  Children 5+ and Families

Languages: Silent/Gibberish

Duration: 40 minutes

Encompasses: Puppets, clown, magic, props comedy. The Audience is greeted at the door by the hunchback welcoming them into his world. For 40 minutes the whole family will enjoy the antics of DADO. Some lucky audience members help to create the magic while others watch with tears of laughter in their eyes. Comedy magic that is sure to amaze the best magicians in your family.




"A Frayed Knot" has a bit of everything - magic, gags, comedy, audience participation - but at it's core plenty of heart.'"      ****1/2   The Advertiser 2017

2017 Children's Theater Weekly Award, Adelaide Fringe 

"Oddball",Children's theater

Your favourite hunchback takes the stage for 40 minutes of interactive hyjinx that brings the whole family together. 

A show appropriate for grandparents and grandchildren of every language and culture, as laughter has no boundaries!

Suitable for: Children 5+ and Families

Languages: Silent/Gibberish

Duration: 40 minutes

Encompasses: Physical comedy and comedy magic. Dado will sell you bananas and drive you bananas with laughter. The audience is engaged in encouraging the one man variety show along with audience participation and laughter. 




"Memorable little moments of childish delight." 

                      Adelaide Fringe Festival, 2015 

**** STARS - Western Australia Awesome Festival, 2015


"Waiting for DADO", Theater Production 

A space in time where music boxes spring to life, inanimate objects dance and a banana can sing. 

Time slows as the theatre is filled with laughter and the audience is eager to stay and play. 

Suitable for: Adults and Young Adults 10+

Languages: Silent/Gibberish

Duration: 60 minutes

Encompasses: Interactive Audience Experiences, creative musical instruments, poetic physical comedy, dance and magic. 


***** The West Australian, 2015

***** ABC Radio, 2016

***** RipItUp, Australia 2015 

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